Digital Marketing for Landscaping Companies

When it comes to brand development for landscapers, it may seem like your best marketing tool is the jobs themselves.

You may have hundreds of pictures and reviews from pleased clients, but without that special thing to get you noticed, those won't ever get the chance to shine.

To show off your work, someone has to be looking.

The Value of Digital Marketing

So what's the difference between your business, which does beautiful and lasting work, and a competitor who may have inferior quality, but manages to have their phone ringing off the hook?

Marketing, my friend!

Digital marketing has become one of the most, if not the single most, cost effective and result producing option around.

And if you're not investing in digital marketing, you're not investing into the type of marketing that will generate results.

Imagine Your Clients

Take a moment and imagine the clients you're trying to capture.

Who are they?

Well, who's buying houses that they want landscaped, but don't have either the skills, time, or understanding to take the project on themselves?

Busy professionals and busy couples who have their phones attached to the palm of their hand!

And what are a few of the main apps getting opened on those phones dozens of times per day?

Facebook and Instagram.

Your Clients Are Digital Social Monsters!

Your clients are no longer people driving around looking at neighborhoods.

They're not flipping through phone books.

They don't have the radio on, because Spotify and Pandora have taken over.

And their T.V. shows are being streamed from Netflix and Hulu, commercial free.

Your clients are online, scrolling through Facebook or googling and searching Instagram.

If you don't hit the marketing world through these digital sources, your future clients are never going to know the amazing skills you have to offer them.

Trust Your Marketing Company

We understand that not everyone is comfortable putting together digital marketing plans and strategies, and that's okay.

Just like you excel in landscaping, we excel in knowing what the digital world wants and how to offer it.

We excel in showcasing your best work to thousands of people.

We excel at giving you the clients you deserve.

We want you to trust us to create engaging and capturing content and ads, to use digital marketing to run those adds to your future clients, to care about your business just as much as we care about our own, because as you know - a happy client is a recommending and repeating client.

We're here to take branding for landscapers to the next level.

Then, don't be too surprised when we launch a Facebook campaign and your phone starts ringing off the hook.

It's a different world, this digital marketing, but it's one that we're passionate about and one that we understand.

It's a world that we can bring you business into, because your future clients deserve to know that, when it comes to landscaping, you are the best of the best.