Environmental Health and Safety Software to Make Your Life Easier

The Scenario

A typical day in the Health, Safety, and Environment department involves reporting yesterday’s incidents and typically, a new law needs attention. Environmental aspects are assessed and the results of an audit come in. The last thing we need is a waste handling hazard to happen and the next safety training will be just around the corner. EHS Compliance

Usually, it will be your responsibility to manage all these tasks. However, you can manage all your tasks now very quickly and easily with the newest environmental health and safety software application known as the eco web desk, the most current off the shelf software application.

The Software

Eco web desk is the one stop shopping environmental health and safety software solution. It helps you to take care of all the scattered data on multiple computers in hundreds of lists, tables, spreadsheets, and notes. With Eco web desk, you can consistently streamline, organize, and execute tasks with individual access for your entire team. EHS Services

Eco web desk is your central Health, Safety, and Environment Department system. It is always up to date. You can get a 360-degree view of all the trends and indicators, both leading and lagging. It does not stop there. Eco web desk supports your workflow across sites and business units. EHS Software

The benefits

Facilitate certificates with our software, which is 100 percent compliant with international standards. However, your company will be concerned with more than just that. Economical constraints need to be considered as well. The software keeps laws and regulations up to date. Eco web desk is a great way to take care of everything. Safety Data Sheets

The final solution

Communication is easy too: Eco web desk is delivered in the cloud to give you access to every site. Open your browser, and collaborate with your team. Usability, availability, and security are guaranteed. Intelligent authorization levels allow you to engage all stakeholders in your projects; even contractors and suppliers. You can design your Eco web desk. Choose from the modules available to tailor your environmental health and safety software, all the while being scalable with your business. GHS