Advantages Of Using A Linux Web Hosting Instead Of Windows Hosting

There are two types of hosting services available for web hosting. The Windows Hosting using Microsoft’s proprietary OS and Open Source Linux based hosting services. There is a great advantage of Windows based hosting services, a very good support system. It makes it easier for a network administrator. However, with a quality third party hosting services there is a good availability of support by these vendors.

The benefits of Linux hosting services over Windows hosting are

  • Access: While windows hosting only supports FTP, Linux hosting has options of FTP, Telnet or SSH. These primitive methods are helpful on networks where FTP is blocked. 
  • cPanel: The Linux cPanel is much powerful than the Windows Control Panels. It provides a much easier UI and a more secure connection. Click here to see a demo of CPanel.


  • Cost: Being Open Source, Linux Servers are low cost. This makes these services available for people with budget constraints. Visit this website to check the rates of various hosting providers.


  • Security: Linux Servers are less venerable in comparison to Windows servers, providing a more secure hosting to the clients. Customer reviews show a better performance of Linux servers in this avenue.


  • Downtime: Linux Servers take less time to reboot and are more secure, giving a more uptime guarantee to the users.


  • Cost Effective Development: The development of website on proprietary software costs more than open source. So, a lot of people prefer open source developments, which are better compatible on open source servers. Check out the various web development communities.


  • CGI/Perl: Common Gateway Interface and Perl enhance the form filling applications on the websites. Follow this link to see the advantages of CGI/PERL.

These advantages of Linux based servers have placed them on the top of website hosting market. Most of the users prefer Linux hosting as they are cheaper and more efficient..